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february 22-24, 2022

what is trade summit of the americas?

trade summit of the americas is a convening of the greatest minds in international trade.

We are reinvigorating the “trade conference,” with practical, actionable conversations and thoughtful presentations on not only the current state of affairs in international trade, but also pondering what the future might hold for our industry.

who will be there?

trade summit of the americas will convene hundreds of regulators, trade compliance professionals, service providers, and infrastructure players, both domestic and international, to evoke conversations around the most important issues for global trade. 

Decision-makers and future creators alike will be joining us, either in-person in Miami, FL, or online in a virtual setting.

why attend trade summit of the americas?

Be at the forefront of trade policy

We’ll host conversations around the latest changes in international trade policy, as well as some of the changes we are anticipating in the near future

Become more resilient in your business

Learn about trade infrastructure updates, including route changes, port improvements, and other key factors to efficient supply chains


Connect with colleagues from around the globe

The Trade Summit of the Americas gathers top trade professionals from Canada, the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Get New Ideas

Our speakers will highlight what is to come in the future of international trade and how we can best prepare for it

what will we talk about?

trade policy

Hear from top trade professionals and regulators as they discuss top policy themes such as free trade, forced labor, ecommerce oversight, and the 21st century customs framework.

trade infrastructure

With cargo congestion and shortages dominating headlines over the past year, these conversations around nearshoring, trucking and equipment challenges, condensed routes, and more are sure to give you practical insights for planning your business strategy moving forward.

trade technology

We’ll talk with industry leaders to understand the practical side of cutting-edge technologies and how we can leverage tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain to move goods safely and efficiently.

Lock in your spot!

Take advantage of early bird rates, starting at $349! In-person and virtual options available.

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Put your brand in front of the most senior audience of logistics,
transportation & supply chain innovators and leaders.

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