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AUG 30, 2021

Optimizing Workload

SFCT is communicating to the steamship lines that they service that the terminal will reduce the amount of gangs working during the S/T hours in order to have more equipment to handle the truck line. This will also reduce the amount of traffic in the terminal to be able to service the drivers. The SFCT team has committed to also hold ships out as other ports are doing until we have a safe amount of containers on the terminal.

APM Terminals has also authorized the purchase of more equipment so as to better service the increased volume.

Extended Hours

SFCT will continue to open at 0600 and stay open till the last driver is serviced. If additional appointments are needed in the afternoon, they can be opened up. Drivers will be able to line up starting at 0500 in order to take advantage of these first moves of the day.

Terminal leadership has committed to open on Saturdays until December as long as we can get the warehouses to open and take the cargo. We don’t want you to have to keep them in your facilities. If your importers are in need for the goods, then they should be able to open. If it’s a cost issue, please rest assured that it’s nothing compared to what the terminal is paying. We urge you to talk to your customers in order to get more moves out of the Monday to Friday.  This is one big way to relieve the congestion. 

Relocating Container Repair

SFCT and PortMiami are discussing moving the container repair area to a separate corner of the port (outside of SFCT property). This will open up about 3 to 4 additional acres free for imports. SFCT will need your cooperation to have your drivers take the damaged containers to this area. We will distribute a map to show this area. Drivers will receive a TIR there then they can come to the terminal to pick up an import and reduce their stops.

Move Imports Off-Dock

The SFCT team is discussing how they can move some import loads off-dock during the off hours in order for your drivers to possibly pick them up without having to go to the port. There are a few options for this; PortMiami is helping negotiate this agreement with Miami-Dade County and will provide us an update as soon as possible.

As you can imagine, some of these things will take a short time to accomplish and other can be done quickly. As things progress, we will communicate them to you in real-time. This increase in volume was not foreseen by anyone at the port, but they are committed to doing their best to get it under control and back to the terminal we were accustomed to having. 

AUG 25, 2021

Hello all. We continue to work with SFCT and the South Florida dray community to find a solution to the congestion woes we are all experiencing at the port. Here are the latest updates.

Trucker boycott: You may have heard by now that most South Florida dray companies are not currently servicing SFCT. We are meeting this Friday morning with several of the trucking companies, port and terminal leadership, importers, and more, to come to some sort of resolution so we can get your clients’ cargo moving again. Any solution is going to take all of us working together, from the shipping lines to the warehouses. We’ll get through this only if we all do our part.

For importers and warehouses: If you are able to open your warehouse for receiving for late pulls M-F, or for Saturday, please advise accordingly so that we can take full advantage of the extended hours.

Extended hours: Currently, SFCT is open from 0600-17:30 M-F. Please take advantage of these extended hours, as we know there are plenty of import containers to be pulled.

Saturday Full Gate:

SFCT is planning a full gate this SATURDAY 28 AUGUST 2021 provided there is adequate demand. We are reaching out with this advisory to give everyone time to work with customers and arrange to have warehouses or yards open to receive cargo. Please let us know the number of containers you anticipate moving on Saturday. This will allow us to hire appropriate clerks and longshoremen to service the trucks. Please confirm with the yard the amount you plan to move of reefer containers, 20′ dry, 40 dry or out of gauge flatracks.

Yard @ SFCT

If you have any questions, concerns, or proposals for solutions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

AUG 20, 2021

We’ve been getting many concerned emails, texts, and phone calls regarding congestion at South Florida Container Terminal (at PortMiami). We met this morning with port and terminal leadership to find ways to come to solutions:

  • Appointments: as your drivers get used to appointments at SFCT, it’s important that they arrive within an acceptable timeframe, usually within 30 min to 2 hours prior to the appointment time. 
  • Warehouses: many destination warehouses are closing early or having limited hours, which further squeezes capacity in South Florida. Your importers/distribution centers/warehouses may need to open additional hours in order to handle the current surge in cargo.
  • Saturday gate: SFCT will be open for full service tomorrow, Aug 21, at 7am. Please advise your clients and warehouses accordingly.

SFCT is currently operating under extended hours, from 0600-1730 M-F, including working through lunch.

At the end of the day, there are so many moving parts to cargo congestion. We all need to work together to get through these surges. The teams at our Florida ports are working hard to make sure cargo moves from ships to shore securely and efficiently, and the increased volume means we need to collaborate to ensure we can keep demurrage low, transit times relatively short, and our clients happy.

What else can you do? Let us know:

  • If you have a fleet with any cartage capacity for South Florida
  • If you have three or more acres of space available to handle temporary overflow import storage

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