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The latest from the FCBF blog…

Customs Business Fairness Act (H.R. 4816)

The Customs Business Fairness Act [HR 4816] protects a customs broker who has collected government revenue and passed that through to the government from liability to revert those fees to the court in a bankruptcy filing. Contact your representative to ask them to...


by Daniel W. Raab, Esq.             Domestic trucking does interface with international shipping and at other times it can be the beginning and the end of a shipment. There are issues as to liability when cargo...

Submitting a Prior Disclosure to Customs & Border Protection

Contributed by Jennifer Diaz & Sharath Patil, Diaz Trade Law, published with Permission All parties involved in the importation of merchandise into the US, such as importers, customs brokers, exporters, shippers, and foreign suppliers and manufacturers, can file a...
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