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Ok, who here has heard someone say, “It’s not WHAT you know…it’s all about WHO you know!!”

I imagine several of you nodding your heads and scrolling down, looking to get to the conclusion of this article. But some of you will stick around to see what we’re talking about. To those of you who are still with me—let’s dive in.

By the way, about that saying about “WHAT” vs. “WHO” you know, I’d respond “Yes, it’s both, AND  it’s about HOW you leverage the WHAT and the WHO !

As a professional in the international trade industry, you’ve definitely learned a thing or two. And in order to build your team or your company, you’ve had to come across some pretty amazing people. But where do you go from there? What if you had superpowers that would take you from a good business to a GREAT one within the next year? 

In our article on Community , we talked about the importance of finding solutions to our biggest challenges, and how to leverage a community to do so. It’s easy to say “Yeah, yeah, I already know some great people.” And yet, we continue to struggle with growing our network and our businesses.

One of the key factors to landing new clients, accounts, and even top-notch employees, is credibility . Credibility is built by leveraging the knowledge you’ve developed, your experience, and your network. Joining a trade association that caters to your needs and skillset is a phenomenal way to go about building your credibility. 

FCBF (short for the  F lorida  C ustoms  B rokers &  F orwarders Association) was created over 60 years ago by a small group of customs brokers and freight forwarders looking to harness their collective knowledge and experience and lift up the industry.

Flash forward to now, and we are the most active and influential association working on behalf of brokers and forwarders across the state. As Gabriel Rodriguez, our Board President, is known to say, “a rising tide raises all ships.” 
When you join FCBF, a few things occur:

  • You gain access to dozens of opportunities to increase your knowledge and maintain your certification (CCS/CES credits, anyone?)
  • You automatically increase your professional network by HUNDREDS. 
  • You are immediately propelled to the forefront of regulatory changes, with information on how to adapt your current processes to keep up. 

Question: What is one thing you wish you had access to (besides funding), that you believe would make a huge difference in your business?

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