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General recommendations for avoiding contamination of COVID-19 focused on cleanliness, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing, and employee awareness. Many of these recommendations follow the standards already in place by CDC (, Florida Department of Health (, and OSHA ( including:

  • Masks:  All employees and visitors must wear masks/face coverings when in a community setting or near other people.  Where social distancing is not possible, masks must be worn as defined by the CDC. 
  • Hand sanitizers: provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers to employees and customers; provide at points of entry and other appropriate locations.
  • Handwashing: wash hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds 
  • Gloves: use of gloves is optional; frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer is preferred
  • Social distancing: maintain six feet apart between people, avoid handshakes, hugs, large gatherings, and crowds.  This must be practiced in all common work areas, entrances, break rooms, kitchens, restrooms, etc.
  • Cleaning & disinfecting: touchpoints must be cleaned frequently throughout the day (elevators, door handles, railings, window shields, etc).  
  • Communication: signage and safety checklists to be placed in multiple, high traffic areas in all languages spoken by your employees
  • HR policies: must be flexible and consistent with public health guidelines, though they will vary among companies.  

Best Practices for Warehouse, Trade & Logistics


  • “I keep you safe, you keep me safe”; “Yo te cuido y tu me cuidas” – positive messaging to encourage responsibility and accountability for each other 
  • Have employees work remotely when and where possible. This will be important for social distancing and in consideration of employees that are caring for family members
  • Encourage employees to stay at home if they are sick or caring for a sick family member
  • Establish alternating days or extra shifts that reduce the total number of employees in a facility at a given time, allowing them to maintain distance from one another while maintaining a full onsite work week. 
  • Controlled Entry/Exit points to minimize traffic areas that need to be disinfected
  • Encourage bringing lunch to work in order to reduce in/out and additional exposure 
  • Redistribute office, break rooms, and kitchen layout to encourage physical barriers and distance between employees 
  • Avoid large gatherings, hold smaller meetings, and use larger spaces for meetings
  • Move to more touchless interactions with clients, including online financial transactions
  • Visitor/customer procedures: where appropriate install acrylic shields, minimize hours of customer interaction with employees and do not accept deliveries or people into buildings if they are not following protocols, such as wearing masks


  • Take advantage of shift changes to remind workers of new protocols  
  • Require workers to wear a clean uniform each shift
  • Split shifts and stagger break times to follow social distancing guidelines 
  • Establish circulation control measures to ensure social distancing (direction of travel)
  • Limit workers from using others’ equipment and sanitize equipment where an exchange is unavoidable (forklifts, scanning equipment/pads)
  • Clean and disinfect multitouch equipment like handgrips, carts, steering wheels, pallet trucks, etc. every time a user changes after each shift 

Trucking / Last-Mile

  • Handwashing/Hand sanitizer between stops and/or deliveries
  • Limit personal interaction with truckers during inspections 
  • Use alternative options rather than delivery to door to minimize personal contact (ie pick up and drop off locations) 
  • Upon receipt of a container at a warehouse, paperwork and confirmations need to be done touchless (via email or mobile phones) whenever possible.
  • Avoid close contact during indoor building delivery
  • Use no-touch solutions when possible
  • Use mobile phones and/or speakers between truckers and terminals   
  • Multitouch equipment must be cleaned every time a user changes (door handles, seats, steering wheels, etc.)

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