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Our Committees


The Customs Committee works in partnership with FCBF members to find solutions to import trade issues. We discuss upcoming changes in Customs directives, voice concerns with CBP and other PGAs to advocate for all sides, seeking efficient and effective ways to work collaboratively to grow our industry in the state of Florida, as well as nationally.


Driven by one of our main tenets—to educate our Members—the Education Committee is focused on creating and showcasing opportunities for member companies and staff to stay up-to-date on regulations, processes, and best practices, as well as better understand trending topics and know when action is appropriate.


The GAC works with local, state, and federal legislators to ensure Florida has a unified voice at the table when it comes to issues involving imports and exports moving through our state.

We coordinate with the annual NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference in order to make appropriate appointments on Capitol Hill, compile white papers and documentation for those meetings, as well as maintain awareness within the FCBF general membership as to current affairs and issues affecting our community.


Understanding that the role of trucking and rail firms is crucial to inland trade, the Overland committee convenes to discuss issues involving routing, release, and pick-up of cargo, as well as other trends and topics of interest to the international trade community.


The Freight Forwarding Committee is responsible for driving productive conversation with regard to international freight forwarders and the issues we face. We meet on a regular basis to discuss government directives, local Port issues, compliance concerns, and much more. We maintain a proactive relationship with the FMC, TSA, and other regulatory agencies to uphold the trade.


FCBF is created by our Members, for our Members. The Membership Committee drives association growth by identifying and engaging potential members and colleagues in Trade throughout the state with innovative value propositions of Membership, as well as helping them understand which committees and opportunities make sense for advancing. This committee pre-approves membership applications before presenting to the FCBF Board of Directors.


The Safety and Security Committee works to monitor private and public supply chain security initiatives and oversees FCBF’s official response. We also serve as the FCBF liaison to organizations involved in these efforts, ensuring an open line of communication between our members and relevant stakeholders. We also work to present the most up-to-date information and best practices to the FCBF membership.


Comprised of former presidents of the Association, the President’s Advisory Committee works to support the current FCBF president in their role of leading the association forward. We also lead the charge on building strategic international relationships, identifying opportunities to further FCBF’s positive impact on global trade.

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