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CSMS #45752501

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requests that Customs broker notifications and requested documents previously mailed to CBP Headquarters be sent directly to the Broker Management Branch inbox, to ensure timely receipt and action. Documents do not need to be both emailed and mailed, as the notification will be received through the Broker Management Branch inbox. Types of documents that may be emailed include:

  • National permit applications (fee submitted to the licensing District port)
  • Exam appeals
  • License application appeals
  • License name change requests
  • Notice by license qualifier of termination (19 CFR 111.28(c))
  • Change in brokerage ownership (19 CFR 111.28 (d))

All documents required by licensing and permitting District offices are still to be sent to those offices via the means prescribed by those locations. Examples of these documents include:

  • Broker license applications
  • District permit applications
  • Fees for national permit applications
  • Permit waiver requests
  • Filer code requests
  • New or terminated permit employee notifications
  • Notice by license qualifier of termination – copy (19 CFR 111.28(c))
  • Change in brokerage ownership – copy (19 CFR 111.28 (d))
  • Licensed broker address change notifications (19 CFR 111.30(a))
  • Change in organization (19 CFR 111.30(b))
  • Custody of records notification ( 19 CFR 111.30(e))

If you have questions regarding this notification, contact the Broker Management Branch, Office of Trade, at

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