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Tax & Technology Strategies in a Recovery Year

Cash savings in 2020/21 through tax planning & increased efficiency through technology implementation

Experts from Cherry Bekaert will cover planning strategies and considerations that customs brokers and freight forwarders in the Transportation & Logistics industry should be aware of. Ronald Wainwright and Bryce Gartner will discuss beneficial technology implementations and possible policies, deductions, credits and other tax savings opportunities. Leveraging key technologies and advanced systems can enhance collaboration and automation efforts and optimize processes and performance. In addition, embedding these technologies into business and go to market practices for customers can significantly provide cost saving opportunities and tax benefits.

Who should attend? Executives, Individuals, Suppliers & Partners looking to:

– Identify new business models, revenue streams & cost savings measures
– Automate & optimize business practices
– Leverage their own data for go to market strategies
– Increase collaboration services across channels
– Maximize cash savings through tax planning




Mar 02 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm




FCBF Webinar or Seminar
Cherry Bekaert


Cherry Bekaert


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  1. Mike Dudley

    Look forward to seminar.


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