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Webinar: In-Bonds with CBP

In-bond movements have become more critical than ever to transit cargo through Florida. They also are necessary to move cargo to and from the growing number of bonded facilities. Although CBP modernized the in-bond requirements in many ways including electronic reporting, thirty (30) day transit time for all modes, electronically requesting permission for diversions and reporting arrival within twenty-four (24) hours, these changes continue to raise numerous questions for the trade community.

Join FCBF *online* on December 2, at 2pm, as Jim Swanson, CBP Director, Cargo Security & Controls, provides clarity on issues including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of parties
  • Authority to file in-bond entries
  • Visibility and monitoring via ACE
  • Proper and timely arrival reporting and closeout
  • Adequate proof of export
  • Facility FIRMS codes requirements
  • Permissible manipulation
  • Diversion requirements
  • Liability for violations
  • Avoiding/mitigating liquidated damages

Speakers include:

  • Jim Swanson, Director, Cargo Security & Controls, CBP HQ
  • Ralph De La Rosa, President and CEO, Imperial Freight Brokers
  • Deb Stern, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A.


Dec 02 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


FCBF Webinar or Seminar
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