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USMCA vs NAFTA || What’s the difference?

CBP has announced full enforcement of USMCA beginning January 1, 2020. Many customs brokers and importers are asking what really will be different.

In this session we will discuss the following topics as well as your questions:

  • What documents or information is required to support claims?
  • What should the Certificate of Origin contain, who should sign it, and who should maintain it?
  • What is the framework of the agreement and where can I find the provisions?
  • What are the general rules for sensitive commodities such as autos, textiles/apparel, and agriculture?
  • When does manufacture in FTZs or through TIBs qualify, and does duty deferral apply?
  • How and when can I correct entries that didn’t make the claim or were filed incorrectly?
  • What is the enforcement process and how do I respond to inquiries?
  • What rules apply for country of origin marking?
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Dec 10 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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