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IAC TSA Compliance Workshop

This webinar will provide you with a general overview of the Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP) and the common issues IACs, authorized transport and handling agents face that can trigger an investigation or fine from the TSA.

We’ll also cover:

  • Best practices to avoid problems
  • A common-sense approach to creating TSA company compliance awareness.
  • The importance of the Security Coordinator’s role in compliance and management’s support.

About the presenter:

Alicia Gonzalez has over 24 years of experience dealing in freight forwarding security compliance and international trade issues including export letters of credit. Throughout her career, Alicia has worked with exporters in export traffic management and air freight forwarding operations. Today, Alicia is the president of SMS Consulting Group, specializing in freight forwarding security compliance and international trade issues. She currently participates in the Global Trade and Logistics Advisory Committee for Broward Community College. SMS Consulting Group is an FCBF member and associated with Compliance Assurance LLC. Her expertise includes assisting air freight forwarder startups obtain the necessary certifications and training to be in compliance with federal agency regulations including CBP and TSA.



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Jun 09 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am




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