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Gray Market Imports Webinar

Gray Market Imports and Criminal Enforcement

The gray market is a major source of South Florida imports of electronics, food, and medical products, among other high-value products. Trademark owners and manufacturers frown on the gray market and spend great resources to stop gray market products at the border at entry with CBP and through civil litigation. Recently, the Department of Justice prosecuted gray market distributors importing gray market products into South Florida based on it being a fraud on manufacturers. This program will discuss the legal ramifications of involvement in the gray market, including how involvement in the gray market could expose importers and logistics providers to criminal prosecution.

This webinar will be led by Robert J. Becerra, Esq., a Florida Bar Board-Certified Expert in International Law.


  1. Wanda Fernandez

    We are sister company of Seaboard Marine, who’s is an FCBF member. Please advise if fee can be waived

    • Megan Conyers

      Hi Wanda, Seaboard Solutions is actually a member as well! You may register at the Member Rate, no problem. –Megan


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