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GMM: SLIs and Shippers’ Responsibilities

Join us for our General Membership Meeting (GMM) as we discuss the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions and the Shipper’s Responsibilities in a transaction.

If you’ve ever had a shipper or exporter not understand why you need an SLI, or if you’re a shipper who isn’t quite sure what you need to provide to your forwarder (and why) for your shipments, this is the session for you!

We’ll cover:

– The shipper’s responsibilities of supplying accurate export information to the freight forwarder.
– Why the Freight Forwarder should require an SLI
– How to educate the shipper
– Freight Forwarder and shipper risks involved in erroneous export classification/documentation

Lunch will be provided.

CES credits available.



Jun 30 2021


11:30 am - 1:00 pm




General Membership Meeting


  • Michelle Fajardo
    Michelle Fajardo
    Owner & President

    Michelle Fajardo is the owner and president of Cargo International Consolidators, Inc. a freight forwarder and NVOCC specializing in exports to the Caribbean and Central America. She is also 1st VP and Chair of FCBF’s Freight Forwarding Committee.

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