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GMM: Port Congestion

Port Congestion: Where we stand, where we want to go, and the challenges along the way

Join us for our first [virtual] General Membership Meeting of the year, where we’ll discuss the topic on everyone’s minds: PORT CONGESTION. We’ll hear from some of Florida’s port terminal operators, as well as recap the causes of port congestion.

Our presenters and panelists include:

 – Gabriel Rodriguez, FCBF President (A Customs Brokerage)
 – South Florida Container Terminal (SFCT)
 – Florida International Terminal (FIT)
– Port Everglades Terminal (PEV)
– …and more!

Attendees will also hear updates from Jonathan Daniels, CEO and Port Director of Port Everglades (FCBF Trustee Member)


Feb 24 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm




General Membership Meeting
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