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FDA/EPA – Cleaning for Covid- 19 – Importing Cleaning Products: Who Regulates You?

This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of how to import cleaning products in to the United States compliantly in the wake of COVID-19. Speakers will discuss pathways for regulatory compliance and best practices for product development.
In This Webinar You Will Learn:
– TOP Labeling Do and Don’ts
– Which Federal Agencies Regulate Cleaning Products
– How to Import a Cleaning Product Compliantly
– Current COVID-19 Exemptions or Fast Track Compliance

– Jennifer Diaz
– Denise Calle

Who Should Attend:
– Importers
– Customs Brokers
– Regulatory Affairs
– Professionals In-House Legal Counsel Product
– Development Managers
– Others Interested in Trade Policy

Eligible for 1 CCS/MCS NEI Credit
– Input your NCBFAAA NEI ID number at the time of registration to receive credit.

**This event is hosted and organized by Diaz Trade Law.

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