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Experts Demystify CBP’s FP&F Process as it Relates to IPR

About this event

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What intellectual property rights (IPR) in the U.S. is capable of being recorded with CBP?
  • Why should I record IPR with CBP?
  • What information should the broker be asking the importer for, PRIOR to importation?
  • How does the CBP detention, seizure, and penalty process work as it relates to IPR?
  • What should you be asking CBP for during the detention period?
  • What are your rights during the detention and FP&F process?
  • What are the top tips on effectively working with CBP during the detention and seizure process?
  • Who from CBP reviews and makes final decisions on FP&F cases? When does CBP HQ review any FP&F case?
  • What are CBP’s mitigation guidelines and how do you use them to your benefit?
  • What are recent IPR trends and statistics?
  • What are the best IPR resources I should be using?


  • Jennifer Diaz, Board Certified International Attorney, President, Diaz Trade Law


  • Alaina van Horn, Chief, CBP Intellectual Property Enforcement Branch
  • Coraly Schrieber, Managing Attorney, Diaz Trade Law

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